Revolutionizing Service Efficiency: HP’s Innovative Approach with XR Technology

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82% of companies have faced unplanned downtime incidents, some enduring multiple disruptions over the past three years.

It is within this context that HP xRService, a leading player managing a vast fleet of printing machines, embarked on a transformative journey three years ago.

Jain, the leader of HP xRService, outlined their mission: to significantly reduce downtime and empower customers to self-troubleshoot and maintain their presses through XR technology.

The Need for Transformation in HP’s Service Organization

HP’s commercial printing organization is a key player in the industry, operating a variety of large-scale printing machines for over 10,000 clients. These machines, while complex and intricate, are essential for producing high-quality printouts.

To support their customers, HP has established a robust service organization. This includes skilled field service engineers, knowledgeable remote support agents, and a well-organized spare parts division. However, maintaining such an organization is not without its challenges.

Over time, the increasing number of new models and the growing complexity of the machines have made it difficult to find and train staff. Recognizing these challenges, the leaders of HP’s service organization have come to understand that it’s time for a change.

The HP leadership team recognized that the key to change lay in the power of XR technologies. They envisioned a future where Augmented and Virtual realities, combined with high-quality Digital Twin models, would revolutionize their service.

Figure 1- A Digital Twin Model on HP-Indigo Digital press 12,000

Embracing XR Technologies: The Path to Transformation

Ayush Jain, the leader of HP’s xRServices, embarked on a year-long journey to find the perfect solution. He meticulously evaluated over 100 different options, assessing their technological capabilities, team strengths, and alignment with HP xRServices current and future needs. After this extensive search, one solution stood out from the rest – was the only company which had a platform that was so fundamentally strong that any new feature addition would be almost instantaneous. Ayush Jain

Achieving Efficiency and Growth: The Impact of

The journey wasn’t always easy, but two years in, the results have been remarkable. A small team of content creators has developed over 20 Digital Twins and hundreds of flows and procedures. These resources are now being utilized by over 1,000 users, including both HP staff and clients.

The first noticeable impact was on content creation efficiency. Overcoming this significant hurdle, content creation with proved to be four times more effective than any other solution.

Figure 2 – Virtual Remote Assist call

We finally found one vendor where we could build content once and deliver on any platform, reducing our content cost by five times and dramatically improving the ROI. Ayush Jain

The advantages of the implementation weren’t solely experienced within HP’s internal operations. Although HP is unable to disclose internal business data, they can convey the potential influence on their clients. The deployment of has seemingly benefited HP’s clients as well. Sylvain Failgand, the Vice President & General Manager of Personalization & Industrial Business Services at HP, cautiously projects a potential 15% enhancement in the overall production capacity for HP’s clients.

Customer running two shifts or three shifts, the Improvement they can get can go up to 15%. Sylvain Failgold

Unleashing Potential:

The Bright Future of HP xRServices and The synergy between HP xRServices and is poised to illuminate the path to an exciting future. The innovative prowess of the team, combined with the formidable strength of the HP organization, promises to unlock a plethora of new capabilities. HP xRServices, while keeping the specifics under wraps, remains steadfast in its commitment to spearhead the advancement of XR technologies. Their vision extends beyond the realm of printing services, aiming to revolutionize service and training across all sectors. 

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