Procedures & Dynamic flows

Interactive step by steps 3D flows are used for training, support, work instructions, and troubleshooting, Eliminating the learning curve, always updated, and performed on any device, Flow runs are recorded into analytics, and Flow and procedures creation is done by the Flow Editor and Animation Builder

Streamlined Workflow Creation

The Visual Workflow Editor simplifies the creation of interactive workflows by providing a drag-and-drop interface. This makes it easy for users to quickly design and publish workflows, reducing the time and effort required to get started.

Customizable Workflow Elements

The Visual Workflow Editor allows users to customize the elements of their workflows, such as text, images, and buttons. This makes it possible to create unique and engaging workflows that meet the specific needs of each user or organization.

Multiple Output Formats

The Visual Workflow Editor supports multiple output formats, including mobile, web, and VR/AR. This makes it possible to deliver workflows to a wide range of devices, reaching a wider audience and delivering a more engaging experience.

Intuitive Interface

The Visual Workflow Editor has an intuitive interface that is easy to use, even for those with limited technical knowledge. This makes it possible for a wide range of users to design and publish workflows, empowering teams to collaborate more effectively.

Real-Time Feedback

The Visual Workflow Editor provides real-time feedback, enabling users to see how their workflows will look and function as they build them. This allows for quick adjustments and iterations, making it easier to create high-quality workflows.

Seamless Integration

The Visual Workflow Editor integrates seamlessly with other tools and systems, such as LMS’ and CRM’s. This allows for smooth and efficient workflow delivery and management, saving time and effort while improving workflow quality and effectiveness.

Graphical Visio-like flow editor with a wide range of nodes

Flow is adaptable per device and reality

Animation creation directly from the Digital Twin using the Animation builder

Editable and translatable to 11 languages

Cross-device cross-reality compatibility


Interactive flows and procdures enables users to create and publish 3D interactive flows, to be used for guided field instructions, self-learning, and troubleshooting.

Creation and editing of the flows are fast using the frontline flow, graphical editor 3D animations are easily created and added to any flow or procedures The flow and procedure run on any device and in AR and VR modes.

The ONLY cross-platform Cross-Reality XR Plattform

Experience by yourself See what a Digital Twin, Interactive Flows, Remote Support, Virtual Training Rooms, Interactive Parts Catalog, and more can do for you.


IOS & Android Smartphones

Hololens 2

Magic Leap 2


VR headsets offers

A Virtual Reality 3D Digital Twin

A Digital detailed replica of an object to the virtual world that can be accessed on any device in ease.

A Fully Virtual Training Room

Virtual space where instructor and trainees gather around a Digital Twin enabling effective training, learning, and assessments

Interactive Flows & Procedures

Interactive procedures and tutorials containing steps and choice points to be activated in the new realities based on the Digital Twin

Remote Support helps retain expert knowledge by enabling real-time support, collaboration, and providing relevant information.


Real-time monitoring and recording of flow and remote assist session, enabling immediate response and continuous improvement.

3D parts catalogue

The 3D parts catalog in has advanced search and filter capabilities, allowing manufacturers to quickly find the information they need.

Try training & support tools in action

Experiance by yourself. See what a Digital Twin, Interactive Workflow, Remote Support,Virtual training Rooms, Interactive Parts Catalog, and more can do for you