Digital Parts Catalog

Interactive 3D Parts catalog, easy part identification and ordering

Interactive 3D Parts Catalog

The platform features an interactive 3D parts catalog that allows manufacturers to quickly and easily view, search and access information about their products. With this feature, manufacturers can increase their efficiency and provide better customer support.

Cross Platform Deployment

The platform's 3D parts catalog can be deployed on a variety of devices and platforms, including mobile, tablet, PC, Mac, VR headset, and AR headset. With this cross-platform deployment, manufacturers can provide a seamless experience for their customers, no matter what device they use.

User-Friendly Interface

The 3D parts catalog in has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use, even for those without technical knowledge. With a simple and intuitive interface, manufacturers can increase their productivity and efficiency.

Search and Filter Capabilities

The 3D parts catalog in has advanced search and filter capabilities, allowing manufacturers to quickly find the information they need. Whether it's by part number, name or other criteria, the catalog makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

Integration with Other Systems

The 3D parts catalog in can be easily integrated with other systems, such as ERP, CRM and PLM, ensuring that data is accurate and up-to-date. With this integration, manufacturers can streamline their operations and provide better customer support.

Fully Editable with Zero Coding

The 3D parts catalog in can be fully edited with zero coding required. This means that manufacturers can easily make changes and updates to their catalog, without having to hire a programmer. With this flexibility, manufacturers can quickly and easily keep their catalog up-to-date, providing better customer support.

Quick Editing and Distribution

The Parts editor allows for quick and easy editing and distribution of updates to the 3D parts catalog, ensuring that the information is always available and up-to-date.

Automatic Translation of CAD Data

The platform’s 3D parts catalog feature allows for automatic translation of CAD data into the catalog, eliminating manual data entry and saving time.

Spare Part Definition in One-Click

The platform offers the ability to define spare parts with just one click, streamlining the process and reducing manual efforts with ease of access.

Multiple Lists

Manufacturers can create and manage multiple lists within the 3D parts catalog, allowing for efficient organization of the data.

Virtually Unlimited Number of Parts

The platform offers the ability to add a virtually unlimited number of parts to the 3D parts catalog, providing a comprehensive and robust solution.

Copy and Share Metadata

The ability to copy and share metadata within the 3D parts catalog facilitates collaboration and sharing of information across teams.

Parts catalog’s list of all the parts including metadata and spare parts listing accessible through the Digital Twin.

Used for quick parts identification and ordering The Parts Editor enables simple editing and sharing offers

A Virtual Reality 3D Digital Twin

A Digital detailed replica of an object to the virtual world that can be accessed on any device in ease.

A Fully Virtual Training Room

Virtual space where instructor and trainees gather around a Digital Twin enabling effective training, learning, and assessments

Interactive Flows & Procedures

Interactive procedures and tutorials containing steps and choice points to be activated in the new realities based on the Digital Twin

Remote Support helps retain expert knowledge by enabling real-time support, collaboration, and providing relevant information.


Real-time monitoring and recording of flow and remote assist session, enabling immediate response and continuous improvement.

3D parts catalogue

The 3D parts catalog in has advanced search and filter capabilities, allowing manufacturers to quickly find the information they need.

The ONLY cross-platform Cross-Reality XR Plattform

Experience by yourself See what a Digital Twin, Interactive Flows, Remote Support, Virtual Training Rooms, Interactive Parts Catalog, and more can do for you


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VR headsets

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