Discover the immense potential of on the revolutionary HoloLens 2 platform

By combining and HoloLens 2, organizations can redefine training and support through immersive and interactive experiences.
This transforms technical training and support into an immersive, interactive, real-time experience, ensuring a seamless learning environment.

Remote Support and HoloLens 2 have combined their capabilities to create a powerful remote support solution.
This combination allows for efficient issue resolution, minimizing on-site visits, and empowering users to solve problems independently. By offering a comprehensive and immersive remote support experience, this innovative solution saves costs on field services while enhancing customer satisfaction.

On-the-job instructions

frontline. io and HoloLens 2 enhance training, support, and troubleshooting processes.

With the integration of and HoloLens 2, interactive 3D flows are introduced to simplify learning curves. These step-by-step instructions provide an intuitive and engaging learning experience, making it easier for users to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Object tracking

With on HoloLens 2, digital Twin parts become effortless, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency. The platform offers a comprehensive parts list with metadata and spare parts information, enabling quick identification and seamless ordering. Additionally, the Parts Editor tool simplifies the process of editing and sharing part details, making it a breeze for users to collaborate and stay up to date.

Virtual Training Room and HoloLens 2 redefine the training and support landscape. This revolutionary solution enhances efficiency, drives cost savings, and elevates overall productivity to new heights.

By combining and HoloLens 2, learners are immersed in interactive, personalized training experiences that unlock unparalleled skill development opportunities.

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