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Enhance your teams’ capabilities and save time and money with virtual 3D interactive training, augmented reality remote support & real time analytics – all in one platform.

The ONLY cross-platform Cross-Reality XR Plattform is a cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes the way organizations deliver training and support. We harness the power of AR, VR, and Digital Twin technology to simplify the learning experience and improve support efficiency. Our goal is to help businesses focus on what really matters: getting work done. Join us in our mission to revolutionize training and support.

Meet the team

Itzhak Pichadze

CEO & Founder
Itzhak is a technologist with vast experience in AR/VR content creation and advanced simulations.

As one of earliest developers of AR content in the world, Itzhak and his team leveraged their deep expertise in 3D modeling and texturing to bring applications and content to life in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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Gilad Tzori

Gilad has over 30 years of experience in the Israeli high-tech industry. Leading large-scale multi-disciplinary R&D organization. Managing global service and support organization leading the launch of novel printing technologie.

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Yoni Veinberg

VP Creative Officer
Yoni co-founded together with Itzhak. He brings almost 20 years of experience in the 3D modeling and models optimizations, Yoni is highly knowledgeable with all 3D tools models’ optimizations dataflow.

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Eyal Dror

Eyal is a business management expert with over a decade of experience with various online companies, from gaming to startups. His exceptional ability lies in elevating company performance by pinpointing areas for growth, developing strategic plans, and executing impactful business strategies that yield significant returns on investment (ROI).

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Try training & support tools in action

Experiance by yourself. See what a Digital Twin, Interactive Workflow, Remote Support, Virtual training Rooms, Interactive Parts Catalog, and more can do for you offers

A Virtual Reality 3D Digital Twin

A Digital detailed replica of an object to the virtual world that can be accessed on any device in ease.

A Fully Virtual Training Room

Virtual space where instructor and trainees gather around a Digital Twin enabling effective training, learning, and assessments

Interactive Flows & Procedures

Interactive procedures and tutorials containing steps and choice points to be activated in the new realities based on the Digital Twin

Remote Support helps retain expert knowledge by enabling real-time support, collaboration, and providing relevant information.


Real-time monitoring and recording of flow and remote assist session, enabling immediate response and continuous improvement.

3D parts catalogue

The 3D parts catalog in has advanced search and filter capabilities, allowing manufacturers to quickly find the information they need.

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