Revolutionizing Service Efficiency: HP’s Innovative Approach with XR Technology

82% of companies have faced unplanned downtime incidents, some enduring multiple disruptions over the past three years. It is within this context that HP xRService, a leading player managing a vast fleet of printing machines, embarked on a transformative journey three years ago. Jain, the leader of HP xRService, outlined their mission: to significantly reduce […]

Bridging the Gap: Solving the Engineer Shortage in the Printing Industry with 

Introduction “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics underscores the severity of this trend, forecasting an annual need for over 125,000 new engineering professionals through 2030.1” The printing industry stands at a crossroads, faced with a growing engineering talent gap that threatens to stifle innovation, efficiency, and growth.   This challenge, declining interest in STEM (Science, Technology, […]