Explore the power of on the Magic Leap Cutting–Edge platform.

By combining and Magic Leap 2, organizations can revolutionize their training and support methods through the utilization of mixed reality (MR) and advanced digital twin technology. This powerful collaboration transforms technical training and support into an immersive, interactive, real-time experience, ensuring a seamless learning environment.

Remote Support and Magic Leap combine to provide a powerful remote support solution, reducing on-site visits and empowering users to resolve issues independently. This saves you money on field services and promotes self-sufficiency. The platform also enables real-time support, allowing experts to share their knowledge efficiently.

Integrated with the Virtual Training Room, our Remote Support feature delivers comprehensive assistance and guidance for a holistic support experience.

Digital Twin

The and Magic Leap collaboration produce an exceptional virtual representation of mechanical systems. This ground-breaking technology generates a detailed and immersive virtual model by leveraging a standard CAD file. Simulations can be performed without a physical prototype, streamlining the design and testing process.

On-the-job instructions and Magic Leap join forces to transform training, support, and troubleshooting. Interactive 3D flows replace complex learning curves with easy step-by-step instructions. Accessible on any device, these up-to-date flows provide flexibility and convenience. Gain valuable insights from analytics capturing flow runs. Creating flows and procedures is effortless with the intuitive Flow Editor and Animation Builder.

Virtual Training Room on Magic Leap 2 revolutionizes the training and support process with its user-friendly platform, leveraging cutting-edge technology to automate and streamline operations. This enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and boosts productivity.

By combining forces, and Magic Leap empower learners to participate in interactive, immersive, personalized training experiences, enabling unparalleled skill development.

Object tracking on Magic Leap 2 simplifies the digital Twin parts management and workflows are streamlined. Access a comprehensive parts list containing metadata and spare parts information for quick identification and ordering. The Parts Editor facilitates effortless editing and sharing of part details.

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