looking to reduce your training and support costs?

Introducing the frontline.io Savings Estimator

frontline.io platform is a powerful tool for organizations seeking to improve their training and support costs. Our estimator uses the data you provide to deliver an estimate of the possible savings your organization could achieve by using frontline.io for training and support.

The best part? Our Savings Estimator is fully anonymous and ensuring your privacy is kept secure.

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Annual Savings Calculator

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How The Savings Are Calculated?

The savings can be attributed to a 10% rise in remote closure

as well as a 20% increase in the first time fix ratio leading to

reduced on site-visits.

Additionally, less remote support time is required as a result of
10% decrease in calls and a 15% reduction in call duration.

Furthermore, the utilization of remote learning and virtual training

rooms can result in savings of about 50% in training travel and

machine hours required for training purposes.

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