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Aggity Italy, at the forefront of digital transformation solutions for businesses, has taken a significant step forward in its mission. Recognizing the need for innovative, practical, and efficient service to enhance training and support, Aggity Italy proudly announces its partnership with – a move set to revolutionize the landscape of digital solutions in Italy. is just as excited about this collaboration, expressing, “As a leader in digital transformation solutions, is thrilled to announce our partnership with Aggity Italy.
This collaboration marks a significant milestone for us as it aligns seamlessly with our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the digital realm.
Aggity Italy’s unwavering dedication to providing top-notch solutions for the complete digital transformation of manufacturing companies resonates with our vision for the future…”

The challenge

Aggity Italy’s team has identified a pressing demand within manufacturing companies for a solution that elevates training and support for both customers and employees. Notably, machine downtime emerges as a critical challenge, leading to substantial financial and operational repercussions.

Forbes reports that unplanned downtime exacts a considerable toll on industrial manufacturers, reaching up to $50 billion annually. Beyond the direct expenses linked to repairs, production halts pose a threat to timely order deliveries, potentially tarnishing the company’s reputation. Furthermore, disruptions in the supply chain and efficiency losses cast a shadow over long-term performance. But what if there were a solution that enables companies to avoid such issues while simultaneously significantly reducing costs?

Work anytime anywhere

With’s cutting-edge platform, Aggity Italy achieves unparalleled efficiency in remote training. The ability to perform training, maintenance, and support operations remotely has become crucial in recent years, emerging as a decisive factor between success and failure.

Say goodbye to expensive travel. Imagine a virtual space where trainees from anywhere in the world can gather, using any device. Experience immersive learning without leaving their chair.


Moreover, facilitates substantial cost savings for companies by offering remote support. This diminishes the necessity for on-site visits, empowering users to address issues and revolutionizing the landscape of field services autonomously.

Leveraging Cross-Reality cross platform for Efficiency is a unique SaaS platform powered by augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), virtual reality (VR), and digital twin technologies.  It’s the only platform that supports PC, VR, Mobile, Tablets, and AR headsets (ML2, HL2) is the only platform where you can build content once and deliver it on different mediums; this can dramatically reduce your costs as Ayush Jain, a leader at HP’s xRServices using, said:
“We finally found one vendor where we could build content once and deliver on any platform, reducing our content cost by five times and dramatically improving the ROI on this.

Revolutionizing Training and Support Together

Aggity Italy and join forces to revolutionize how companies implement training and support. The collaboration represents a commitment to driving change, embracing technological advancements, and setting a new benchmark for digital transformation in Italy.

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Table of Contents


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