Virtual Training Room

The Virtual Training Room enhances the Digital Twin for effective group training and practicing

Grab everyone’s attention with the Digital Twin and keep training sessions interactive.

Learn by doing, generate immersive learning in a controlled environment.

Explain by demonstrating scenario’s which cannot be shown on a real machine and gain tacit knowledge by enabling group discussions around the Digital Twin.

In the center of a Virtual Training Room stands a Digital Twin, the multiple trainees join the virtual room from any device and enjoy the freedom of individual action, together with group learning.

In a training session, the participants enjoy a wide range of tools. The Digital Twin operations and simulation is one functionality. Using Interactive Flows and the Parts Catalog with full functionality of parts extraction, movement, hide, isolate, and highlighting is another.

The Virtual Training room is accessible on multiple devices and supports the use of Smartphones, Tablets, PC’s, VR headsets and AR headsets. The training session is easy to set up, manage and demands low internet for speed all users.

Virtual Training Room Benefits

Learn anytime, anywhere

Join the Virtual Training Room from any location using any device

Save time & Money

No need to fly people in to gain knowledge, save the time of the expensive machine, use the Virtual Training Room

Shorten the learning curve

The Virtual Training Room enables the trainee best viewing angle and a wider range of training aids

Seamless learning experience

The Digital Twin is the source for all training experiences, Virtual Training Room, self-paced learning, and Mixed Reality

The knowledge is secured

The Digital Twin data is fully secured and encrypted with various security measures

Try training & support tools in action

Experience by yourself See what a Digital Twin, Interactive Flows, Remote Support,
Virtual Training Rooms, Interactive Parts Catalog, and more can do for you