LLS reached an important milestone this week, when the largest producer of piston aircraft engines in the world, BRP-Rotax, announced that they were adopting the frontline.io platform for service, maintenance, training and sales activities for the company’s worldwide network – as well as creating a custom product coding tool on the frontline.io platform.

As discussed in a previous post, the Covid-19 pandemic led many companies that once relied heavily on in-person training to either initiate new plans or accelerate existing plans towards a shift to effective virtual training, leveraging digital twining and advanced VR/AR technology platforms. For plant engineering and construction, architecture, the automotive and aviation industries – and even medical devices –these solutions offer a new world of potential for education, training, maintenance, remote support and product development.

Now, BRP-Rotax has decided to take a massive step in this direction for its global fleet of more than 50,000 4-stroke engines. As Peter Ölsinger, the General Manager and VP Sales of BRP-Rotax put it: “BRP-Rotax is now investing in customer-friendly, future-oriented technologies to ease the service, maintenance and training for our high-quality engines.”

What Will frontline.io Do for BRP-Rotax?

BRP-Rotax will be using frontline.io to bridge the physical and virtual worlds with XR technologies. The company is adopting frontline.io to enable its distributors, training institutes, flight schools, service centers and others to unlock to potential of virtual reality by following workflows, training guides and service procedures. And they’ll be able to share these with their teams across the globe over diverse platforms that include desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and AR/VR headsets.

BRP-Rotax will also leverage frontline.io to enable truly time- and location-independent training, sales and service.

For example, frontline.io will enable the company service and support network the freedom to share new and updated procedures for service technicians almost immediately – and without the need for costly travel and other operational expenses. Leveraging a digital twin of each engine, frontline.io will help BRP-Rotax technical staff visualize each engine’s theory of operation, as well as key repair and maintenance procedures.

BRP-Rotax users will be able to share detailed sequences and engine visualizations with prospects and customers alike – offering hands-on virtual demonstrations of each engine’s operations to anyone, anywhere, anytime. This is a game changer for the BRP-Rotax sales and service workforce – and one that will enable them to react more agilely to inquiries, complete projects more quickly, and lower operational overhead.

Lastly, BRP-Rotax will take a further step to toward a digital future with the frontline.io-based product configuration tool. This advanced software solution will be integrated into the flyrotax.com website, and will offer a product configurator for all the company’s aircraft engine models, enabling a 360° degree view with various configurations. Using the tool, prospects and existing customers will be able to save the configurations they create, send them via email or contact the local distributor to receive more information or a quote.

Original PR by BRP-Rotax can be downloaded here
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