Ver. 1.5 – Highlights Version  1.5 – Highlights

We’re continuing to improve our training and remote support platform and have launched version 1.5 today.

This version includes under-the-hood stability and efficiency fixes, improved  user interface issues and more.

From the long list of improvements we wish to highlight the following items:

Digital Twiner, Chat in AR support, remote training scheduling and users avatars – full details are shown below:

  1. Digital Twiner

Create basic, yet fully functional, digital twin models by yourself and start training sessions immediately.

A major enhancement of ver 1.5 is the new Digital Twiner
a software tool allowing the creation of digital twin models by uploading 3D CAD files.

The outcome is digital twin files ready to use with the app.

frontline unique 3D, digital twin files features are:

  • About 10 times lighter than the original 3D CAD file
  • Rotate, move, zoom in /out.
  • Every part is accessible.
  • Extract and isolate on part and assembly level.
  • Slice the model using the slicer mode.
  • One-click image capture.
  • Video recording of procedures (mainly assemble & dis-assemble of parts).
  • Supported formats of CAD 3D files: ‘fbx’, ‘obj’, ‘gltf2’, ‘stl’, ‘ply’, ‘3mf’, ‘gltf’, ‘glb’
  • Supports 3D CAD files of up to 50 mb.

2. Chat in AR Remote Support

Chat in cases an audio session is impossible

AR Remote Support is one of the most popular tools,
allowing straight-forward technical support session between service personnel and a technician.

In ver. 1.5 a new chat option was added to be used in noisy environments or in cases where audio session is not possible.

3. Easier Creation of Training Sessions

Improved UI for virtual training room creations

Virtual Training Rooms are widely used in, therefore, we have improved the way to schedule new training sessions.

We have also added the option to create a training room directly without the need to go to “Knowledge Base” first.

Another important usability change is the fact that virtual training rooms are based on room number only without the workspace prefix.

4. Users Avatar

The Virtual Training Room has become more personal

Although some will say that this is a “cosmetic” option, we believe that user-experience is very important for learning in general,
and specifically for remote sessions.

This is why we have added an option for all users of the platform to create their own avatar with several unique elements.
An avatar is defined within the web application under “Account Settings”.
If no unique avatar is created, a default one will be allocated to the user.

For more information on current version or more details on how can work for you,

Please contact your account manager or click here

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