Landa Digital Printing had developed a unique digital technology called Nanography® – a new category of printing for the commercial, packaging and publishing markets.

Nanography bridges the critical profitability gap between offset and digital printing and enables printers to cost-effectively produce short-to-medium run lengths for the first time. It was an industry changing technology and prior to its market introduction, was relatively unknown.

The Challenge:​

Landa was introducing a new printing technology (Nanography®) to the market and new digital printing press. This introduction required significant education and cross-discipline training including:

  • Technology introduction
  • Sales support and training
  • Customer, technical and business training
  • Service and support build-up

Landa was tasked with all of this while using old methods and tools such as static presentations, PDF documents, disparate images and videos which required a huge effort. Retention of key knowledge was compromised requiring additional training sessions and ‘ping pong’ between domain experts and technical writers.

The Solution: by LLS

LLS has worked with Landa Digital Printing since 2015, introducing the company to a wide set of capabilities based on 3DF models or “digital twins” (highly-detailed interactive 3D models).

Among the new capabilities LLS Frontline provided to Landa Digital Printing:

  • Interactive 3D model of the entire press used for Introduction and Pre-Sales support
  • VR scene for technology and introduction of the print press for business and technical audiences
  • VR training classes for press operators and Landa technicians, enabling higher training efficiencies along with significant less machine time
  • Guides for technical procedure creation using Frontline Procedure; resulting in easier procedure creation and better follow-on execution of procedures
  • Usage of the FrontLine AR remote tool which:
  • Shortened remote sessions saving employee hours.
  • Achieved higher resolution rate.