Remote Maintenance and Support

Improve technical support performance with AR Remote Support

The Remote Support is an over the web session for multiple users, without the need to download an application.

In the Remote Support session, the participants can take advantage of the Mixed Reality capabilities offers (locking the virtual image on the physical object).

The AR capabilities, assigning and locking of a part on the actual machine, while we run the Digital Twin and the defined technical flow is a huge advantage for Support teams. Allowing immediate support actions and knowledge transfer.  

The remote support capabilities further include messaging, file sharing, monitoring, and recording. In addition, the AR Remote Support is fully integrational with CRMs.

Remote Maintenance and Support

Increase First Time Fix rates

With our AR remote support app, the technician receives accurate expert guidance, supported by image capture, and file sharing using live video chat.

Save money on field services

Increase first-time fixes, increase the remote closing rate and save expert travel and spare parts wastage

Close the skills gap

No pre-learning is needed, use parts of the Digital Twin and Interactive Flows in AR for on-the-spot knowledge gaining and support

Retain expert knowledge

Fast creation of Interactive Flows by using the graphic Flow Builder

Accessible/ Ease of Use

AR remote support is accessible from any device, smartphone, tablet and AR headset

Work anywhere anytime

Challenging geographical locations are no longer an obstacle. Connect experts from any location around the globe.

Try training & support tools in action

Experience by yourself See what a Digital Twin, Interactive Flows, Remote Support,
Virtual Training Rooms, Interactive Parts Catalog, and more can do for you