Knowledge Management and Analytics

Transform knowledge into a virtual Interactive Flow, monitor and analyze field activities and performances

Manufacturers often face three significant knowledge challenges, retaining the knowledge, deliver the knowledge to the field, and receive valuable and real-time feedback. provides a wide range of capabilities as an answer to these challenges. The graphical Flow Builder enables the creation of Interactive Flows for training and support.

A variety of ways to deliver by publishing and sharing the captured knowledge, via the frontline application, Web, QR codes, links, and through LMS’ and CRM’s. Running on a variety of devices like mobile, tablet, PC, Mac, VR headset, and AR headsets.

User management enables each user to access the relevant information and functionality within with real-time monitoring and analyzing of all field activities.

Knowledge Management and Analytics Benefits

Automated knowledge retention

Knowledge is maintained and updated using the Interactive Flows and data collected from the field

Real-time analytics

Increase the efficiency of the technical team with better insights on the fieldwork, manage tasks and personnel in real-time.

Reduce dependencies on experts

Knowledge is easily created, updated, and consumed by all

Save time & Money

Reduce experts travel costs, optimize service operation, reduce parts (waste) usage, improved service team

Continued learning

Updating the Interactive Flow is easy and requires no special expertise, once the flow is updated sharing is a click of a button

3rd party integration is an integrative part of your ECO system by integrating with 3rd party solutions, including LMS, CRM, AI, and BI. Knowledge Management & Retention Technical Features:

A flow authoring tool; for the creation of the interactive flow; Easy Drag’n’Drop editing; 6 types of nodes – instruction, question, multi-choice, warning, input and GoTo for nesting.; Support images, videos, PDF and frontline 3D animations; Video only mode

Multi sharing methods: app, link, embedded window, QR code; Full configurator control

Users’ management and flexible roles and permissions definitions; role assignments that match field needs for the Operator, Field Service Engineer, Specialist, Support Engineer, Specialist Support manager, Service manager, Trainee, Instructor, System Analyst and Administrator

Assign and manage tasks within, including Interactive Flow assignments, checklist, and sub-tasks. Assign to one or a group of users, define due date and follow up on completion.

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